Sadegh Ghiasi

Material Science and Engineer

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What I do...

I'm an engineer who love 2 worlds! Material Science and Computer Science! I'm experienced in many different expertise, nano-particles and proccess engineering in my academic education, Web design and graphic design in my self-education.



Domain & Hosting

Provide linux webhosting (cPanel, DirectAdmin), Register domain,...

Website design

Create customized Wordpress, Joomla and other requested CMSs


Helishots, Virtual tours, Industrial Photography, Single 360 degree photos, ...


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Contact me and describe your request and needs.


I'll analyze your request and make a proposal.


We'll justify and fine tune the plane and get it to work!.

Get to work!

According to planned 'll start to work on your request.

Get it Done!

Finally your request is ready! Enjoy your project!.

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